Cristina Bertrand

A native of Spain, Cristina Bertrand earned her Ph.D. in Philosophy and Letters at the Complutense University of Madrid. Her doctoral dissertation about the Chinese book of wisdom, Yi Jing, was an interdisciplinary research in the fields of philosophy, geography, history and art of China. Dr. Bertrand is an internationally recognized scholar and artist and has completed more than 550 paintings exhibited in galleries in Spain, the United States, Europe, and China.

After leaving Spain, Dr. Bertrand spent 20 years in the United States, living in Los Angeles, New York and Miami Beach and 7 years in Shanghai. Presently, she lives in Dubai, Madrid and Miami Beach, where she lectures on the Yi Jing and presides over her companies Cristina Bertrand FZCO (Dubai), Cristina Bertrand LLC (United States) and Cristina Bertrand (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. (China), as well as the Kĕyĭ School, offering conferences, seminars and workshops in Chinese culture, Yi Jing, Yi Jing applied to Business, and courses in Chinese language, based on her innovative teaching methodology Kĕyĭ.


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Cristina Bertrand Companies


5700 Collins Ave. #11G
Miami Beach, Florida 33140
+1 310 704 5475 (English, Español)
+34 644 001 633 (Español, English)

United States
+34 644 001 633 (Español, English)


Room 106, Unit 6, Building 2066
Wangyuan Road, Fengxian District,
Shanghai 201499
+183 8223 7533 (Chinese, English)

+34 644 001 633 (Español, English)


Our Vision is to create a unique world which can integrate and combine paintings, perfumes, jewelry, fashion, literature, all inspired in the ideas, imagination and creativity of Cristina Bertrand.

The Keyi School plays an important role in the field of Education with its courses, conferences and seminars for a deep understanding of the China philosophy, geography, history and art.

Art, Literature and Education are the key Visions of Cristina Bertrand´s companies.


Our Mission is to create a world in which the people who work at the companies as well as their customers can share the joy that Cristina Bertrand experienced in the creation of their products and works of art.

Education is essential for a better and harmonic society. The Keyi School brings that education in a simple and easy way.

Social responsibility     

Cristina Bertrand´s companies, through the Program “Not a School Without Chalk” contributes and brings resources and volunteer time to rural schools in China in the believe that companies have to share its success with society.

A few years ago, while I was still living in the United States, I watched the movie Not One Less, directed by Zhang Yimou. I was very moved by the film and especially by the segment involving counting the precious chalks allotted to the school. I vividly recall the scene of the chalk on the floor and the Chinese word written with the last sliver of disappearing chalk. That scene inspired me to donate resources and my time to support rural schools in China.

My motto for this enterprise is “Not a School Without Chalk.” For me, chalk symbolizes the passing of wisdom from the teacher to the student, the value of small things and the care we should take of everything entrusted to us. I hope my contributions can help the rural schools to keep the chalks – as a symbol of wisdom – in the rural schools of China.

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