Kĕyĭ School

The Kĕyĭ School was founded in 2010 in Shanghai, China, by Dr. Cristina Bertrand for teaching Chinese and other languages.


The innovative system of teaching Chinese and other languages – Kĕyĭ– was developed by Dr. Cristina Bertrand in Shanghai, China. Dr. Bertrand developed her ground-breaking methodology aer a lengthy and comprehensive study of didactic materials and the language teaching methods used in universities, academies and learning centers.

The Kĕyĭ System is based in neuroscience principles tested in the practice in hundreds of students in China, United States, and Spain. Its method, based on Repetition, Concentration and Interconnection and aided by the Void, achieves an extraordinary efficacy.


You can watch the videos below to learn about Kĕyĭ School:

Keyi School – Sistema Keyi – Cristina Bertrand
Keyi School – Vitoria (España)
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