• Present doesn´t exist

    Present doesn’t exist

    Present is always changing from past to future, therefore, it really doesn´t exist. Past also doesn´t exist because it is past. The only thing that exists is the future. The philosophical “trendy” thoughts of living in the present leaves people without goals to strive to or wishes to hope to. Goals, wishes and hopes are …

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  • Not a School Without Chalk

    [:en]Not a School Without Chalk[:]

    [:en]A few years ago, while I was still living in the United States, I watched the movie Not One Less, directed by Zhang Yimou. I was very moved by the film and especially by the segment involving counting the precious chalks allotted to the school. I vividly recall the scene of the chalk on the …

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  • Youthful Folly

    [:en]4. Youthful Folly[:]

    [:en]Today’s Yi Ching (I Ching) card: 4. YOUTHFUL FOLLY: The small river meandering through the mountains slips past obstacles, filling the hollows to escape confinement and danger. In its youthful folly, it ignores the looming mountain, but that same folly lets it pass joyfully through the narrow gorge into the gentle embrace of the valley. …

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  • casi


    [:es] Riaño, España, Mayo 2016 La palabra “casi” es muy bonita, porque deja un resquicio a lo posible. Cuando decimos “esto es casi imposible” la palabra “casi” viaja al universo y vuelve con un regalo…[:]

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  • [:en]The wolf of little red riding hood and the mongolian wolf[:es]El lobo de caperucita roja y el lobo mongol[:]

    [:en] Ulaanbaatar, October, 2016 The story of Little Red Riding Hood is very instructive. First the wolf eats the grandmother, then he tricks Little Red Riding Hood and eats her, too. A hunter comes along and uses his knife to slice open the wolf’s belly and rescues the little girl and her grandmother. For revenge, …

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  • Heaven and earth

    [:en]Heaven and Earth: Origins of Mongolian Beliefs[:]

    [:en] Cristina Bertrand Ulaanbaatar, October, 2016 The origins of Mongolian beliefs are Heaven and Earth. In the beginning there were 99 Celestial Beings and 77 Earthly Beings. Ghinggis Khan went to the Burkhan Khaldun mountain frequently to gather the strength he needed from the sustaining Earthly Mountain and from the eternal Blue Sky. The unending …

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  • yurta


    [:en]In the ger (yurta). The two poles which hold the tent are Heaven and Earth. Nobody can walk in between them because will interfere with their harmony… [:]

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  • Three Cristinas in Mongolia

    [:en]Three Cristinas in Mongolia[:]

    [:en]What are the odds of finding three Cristinas in Mongolia, from Iceland, Belgium and Spain, and all of them speaking…. Spanish?[:]

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  • Sentido de la vida

    [:es]El sentido de la vida[:]

    [:es] Shanghai, China, octubre de 2013 Me preguntaron en una conferencia: “Según el Yi Jing, ¿cuál es el sentido de la vida” Y contesté: el Yi Jing no trata del sentido de la vida porque la vida no tiene ningún sentido… (se podía escuchar entonces el sonido de un alfiler cayendo en el suelo de …

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  • [:en]The universe and the wishes[:es]El universo y los deseos[:]

    [:en] Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, September, 2016 The universe always stands ready to grant our wishes. But a little help from us is required, and it is called EFFORT[:es] Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, septiembre de 2016 El universo está siempre dispuesto a conceder nuestros deseos. Pero al universo hay que darle una ayudita, y esa ayuda se llama ESFUERZO.[:]

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