Tales of the Three Queens in the Italian Renaissance | English



Rosa Blanca wanted to paint her deserts. Everyone told her that the desert was always the same, that it had no colors, but she knew that was not true. She knew the colors of the desert very well.

The glowing gold at sunrise, the gleaming white of the mirage, the metallic gray when rain threatened, the ochers at sunset that turned to fiery red as if the earth wanted to wrap itself in the heat before going to sleep.

There were also greens of various hues making their way across the undulating sand in little clumps that poked their heads out inquisitively, amazed at the infinity of space spread out in their sight. And then there were the flowers. And who had said that deserts had no colors? The myriad of blues, mauves, pinks, purples, reds and yellows formed an earthly rainbow that sometimes made even the heavenly rainbow envious…


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