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Imagination has no limits

and time depends on us.

Once upon a time… three Mongol queens were born in Spain. Their names:  Rosa Roja, Rosa Blanca and Rosa Negra. Their fathers, the bravest generals of Genghis Khan’s Mongol empire. Sent on a special mission to Spain in search of a precious product more valuable than gold, they succumb to the love of three Spanish ladies. But their duty is in Mongolia and their three daughters want to share their destiny.

Endowed with magical powers derived from the fragrances created by an Italian alchemist, they face the most dangerous adventures and the most menacing battles, but their strength is overwhelming, and surpassed only by their beauty.

Their titles: Rosa Roja, Queen of the Steppes, Rosa Blanca, Queen of the Desert and Rosa Negra, Queen of the Mountains. Their realms, the vast territories north of The Silk Road and their mission to maintain the peace and prosperity of these realms. Nothing holds them back from their heroic adventures or their desire to help the neighboring kingdoms of China. They are the Three Mongol Queens and these are their stories.

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