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The three queens were bored. The silk route, entrusted to their protection by Genghis Khan, was secured, creating a bridge between Asia and Europe. China was also experiencing a period of prosperity and peace under the reign of the Ming Dynasty. But the queens, accustomed to going through fire and water to emerge victorious from the most extraordinary adventures, were feeling bored.

Rosa Negra proposed a meeting in her library, where books from all the countries of the world were kept. There they could consult them and decide which country to visit in search of new challenges. The three queens gathered in Rosa Negra’s library in the Geographical Maps Room.

The room was immense, and its walls were covered with maps of hundreds of countries of the five continents. The task was not easy. After long deliberation, they still had not found a country that would ignite their imagination. Suddenly Rosa Blanca found a small book on one of the shelves. Its title intrigued her, “The Legend of the Mojave Desert.” She, who loved deserts, began to imagine all kinds of adventures in the gentle and glowing dunes, but … of what country? The desert was in California in the country of North America.

They located a map of California and began to read about its geography and history. Rosa Negra was fascinated by its northern mountains and Rosa Blanca immersed herself, through her imagination, in the Mojave Desert. Rosa Roja, on the other hand, did not find any landscape similar to her beloved steppes. However, in Spain, she had lived in a large city, Córdoba, and she was intrigued when she found a city of such immense, unending magnitude with a very exotic name that suggested winged and celestial beings similar to those that navigated the infinite steppes, The City of Our Lady Queen of the Angels. Her surprise was even greater on learning that the city had been founded by a Spanish governor, Felipe de Neve. The queens would again encounter Spain in a country so far away. The decision was unanimous: We are going to California!



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